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control of the senate is up for grabs. i'm tory dunnan on capitol hill with how some key races could lead to a shift in power. [ snoring ] ♪ [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] introducing zzzquil sleep-aid. [ snoring ] [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] it's not for colds, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] because sleep is a beautiful thing. [ birds chirping ] introducing zzzquil, the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil. ♪ the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil. >>> we got a toy recall to tell you b alex toys, trampoline for toddlers is being recalled because the handle bars can braifnlgt the model is 786x sold between january and march of 2012. if your child has this toy, call right away. now to some furniture that's being recalled, they're recalling full and twin size slay beds from the bordeaux collection. the head board and foot boards can detach causing an injury. if you own one of the beds you're asked to contact samuel lawrence for a free repair kit. >> shifting more toward the east but look what's going on to th
advantage for the president but it's not all good news for the commander in chief. let's go to tory dunnan. what do you have for us? >> reporter: jamie, let's start with some of the national numbers from the poll. it's a new poll that shows president obama is leading romney 49% to 43%. he also has the edge when it comes to likability. 67% of voters say they like president obama personally. 47% say they like romney personally. it's in the all bad news for mitt romney f we look at the -- if we look at the economy. 43% romney have better ideas compared -- it doesn't matter what issue they're looking at. both have work to do. >> what's his message going to be tonight? >> jamie, he has a major lead when it comes to african-american voters. romney is at 5%. as he explained earlier today there's a lot at stake. >> african-american voter turnout is part of that category of voters that we continue to be swing voters, voters whose participation in the election is really going to have a big impact. >> reporter: he then goes on to mention states where african-american voter turnout is going to have a
plan is working. tory dunnan joins us live from washington. what's the president's agenda today? >> today it's all about grass roots events and ice cream associations. the president is getting out of washington, d.c. and trying to get some face time with vote ares in ohio. he knows how important it is to win the state in november. this marks the president's seventh visit to ohio this year and his first official bus tour. it comes three weeks after romney took a bus tour of its own through the midwest. >> the country is beth on you, ohio. >> reporter: really aware of his audience, the president focused on his efforts to improfit auto and manufacturing industry. >> governor romney said we should let the automobile industry did bankrupt. >> reporter: ohio is a tossup state. a poll shows obama led. also working in the president's fairvetion the state's unemployment rate is pointing downward. >> his presidency has been a losing hand. >> reporter: team romney isn't letting the president off that easy. the campaign sent a lap governor bobby ginned am and former minnesota governor pawle
by president obama. tory dunnan joins us live from washington. for affairs in the spotlight. what was romney's speech? >> reporter: mitt romney heads off on an international trip. earlier today he spoke to that group of veterans on why he believes he would be a better cleave. >> i pledge to you if i become commander in chief, the united states of america will fulfill its destiny and duty. >> reporter: on monday president obama addressed the same audience. >> i pledge to take the fight to our enemies and renew our leadership in the world. as president, that's what i've done. >> reporter: at the moment more americans appear to be buying that argument. a new poll shows 55% -- 52% believe the president can handle for affairs compared to romney. >> we haven't seen much that inspires confidence in a second. >> reporter: today romney went on lay tack, accusing the administration of leaking classified intelligence for political gain. >> if the president believes the buck stops with him then he owes all americans. >> reporter: the military budget cuts are set for next year. romney pinned the blame on
. tory dunnan joins us from washington. i'm excited about the numbers. what's the reaction from potential voters? >> reporter: interestingly it seems to be split. there's a brand-new poll this. shows 5% of registered pollers agree with the supreme court's ruling. 49% des aagreement the big question is is it smart for republicans to focus in on this issue between now and november. you have to close look at the polls. what it shows us only 20% of registered voters are actually angry about that decision which came down. >> how much of an impact did it have on the race for the white house? >> reporter: well, so far, ted zero impact. you want to take a look at the numbers. it shows president obama is leading romney 49% to 46%, the exact same numbers from back in may. it seems the democrats may have a bit of an edge when this comes to enthusiasm. 59% said they're extremely enthusiastic. for republicans it's 51%. the cnn/orc went to 15 key battleground states and all of a sudden the story changes. mitt romney has the edge when youd a in those key states. in the end this really comes down to a fe
that new ad is set to hair in nine key battleground states. >> all right. tory dunnan tonight. coming up all new tonight at 6:00 here on abc2 news, there are more than 140,000 people still without power. we are live in parkville with more on how people are dealing on day four in this heat. >> after a deadly stabbing and a 4-year-old shot in the leg, we'll lack at how the police are preparing for the 4th of july and the message it has for every one of us in the inner harbor. we have those stories and more. >>> here's our consumer alert, a warning to riders of those all-terrain vehicles. be careful. the consumer product safety commission said the number of deaths and injuries rise in the summer. already this year 128 adults have died since january in atv incidents. atv drivers should take a safety class. always wear protective geerks especially a helmet. never allow more people on the atv than the vehicle is designed to carry. don't drive on paved road. children younger than 16 should not drive or ride on adult atv's. >>> july 4th is the most dangerous day on the highway. more people die o
reshape washington. we're looking at a critical decision that mitt romney is facing. tory dunnan has more. romney needs to make a decision. he need as vice-presidential nominee. >> reporter: mitt romney's campaign announced they hired two key staffers who will work with whoever the vice-presidential candidate s this will be a huge decision for mitt romney. it will have a big impact on the race. think back to stwait. >> governor sarah palin of the great state of alaska. >> they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull -- lipstick. >> reporter: john mccain's selection worked in the short time. eventually it fizzled out. this time romney has different paths he can taifnlgt he could double down and pick new jersey governor chris christie or someone who balances the ticket, a southerner like mike huckabee. a minority or woman like bobby jindal or kelly ayotte or paul ryan or scott walker. picking a vp comes down to math. florida is the tossup state which makes marco rube yow and jeb bush attractive. many are predicting a safe pick. he may throw a hail mary and go with someone no o
of the colorado shooting. torey dunnan is live in washington. how did each candidate react to the tragedy? >> reporter: both candidates knew the day was not the day for political speeches and focused on message of unity. >> this i think is a day for prayer and reflection. >> reporter: president obama was in florida today scheduled to hold two campaign events but only keeping one. speaking to supporters in fort meyers the president talked about how tbraj ill life is. >> our time -- fragile life is. what matters at the end of the day is not the small thingses not the trivial things which so often consume us and our daily lives. ultimately it's how we choose to treat one another and love one another. >> our hats break with the sadness of this unspeakable tragedy. >> reporter: mitt romney held an event in new hampshire where he called for americans to come together. >> i stand before you today, not as a man running for office. as a father and grand father, a husband, and american. this is a time for each of us to look in to our hearts, and remember how much we love one another. and how much w
. today they're back to politics as usual. tory dunnan joins us from washington. it was kind of nice seeing them leave politics aside as they address the families and victims on friday. >> reporter: seems like it's coming back. let's start with president obama. he wrapped up a speech this afternoon in neverness. he was talking to the vfw. that's a veterans griew. he talked about foreign affairs and did not mention mitt romney. mitt romney decided to take a shot at the president. take a listen. >> the president needs to spend time with the jobs council. i guess he's done 109 fund-raisers. between the fund-raisers, get together with the jobs council. >> reporter: one of obama's senior advisers, david axelrod said tax returns, bundlers, bain, mass mass record -- massachusetts records. when this comes to secrecy, mit takes the gold. the romney campaign said millions of middle class americans are struggling in the obama economy and there's no relief in sight. seems like politics is back. both campaigns said they want the political ads to stay off the airwaves in colorado at least for a ti
of the comments he made over the weekend in israel continue to dominate the headlines. tory dunnan joins us from washington tonight. what did mitt romney have to say? >> reporter: well, mitt romney definitely delivered some tough talk during the speech. people both here and israel were watching. >> we should stand with all who should join our effort to have a -- >> reporter: the republican candidate seemed to leave the door open to military action if the diplomat tk approach toward iran fails. >> we must lead the effort to prevent iran from building weapon capability. we should employ any and all measures to dissuade the iranian regem from its clawrs course. >> reporter: the obama campaign made this clear that it doesn't differ much. >> his policy is to prevent iran from gaining a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: with polls showing romney trails obama 68% to 28%, romney tried to send a message back. >> we will not look away. nor will our country look away from our passion and commitment to israel. >> reporter: kelly, mitt romney finished off his trip to israel with a fund-raiser breakfast -- fund ra
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11